Jason Parker - 

Using Behavioral Insights to Help Worker Health and Return to Work

Phil Walls - 

Medical Marijuana: Unidentified Risk Factors in the Management of a Chronic Pain Patient

Lisa Brouwer - Living Life at Full Throttle Without Ever Throwing Your Leg Over the Saddle of a Motorcycle

Ryan Noonan - 

Analysis of Causation Determination with Practical Applications

Jean Bender & Kristi Holm - 

ADA Considerations in Managing and Handling Workers’ Compensation Claims

James Stubbe & Kari Brustad - 

Transitional Return to Work and Vocational Service Skills: How These Can Expedite File Closure

Joel Blanchard - 

Drug Testing in the Workplace: Simplifying the Process

Aaron Frederickson - 

The Aging American Workforce: Running an Effective Work Comp Program

Nathan Fredrickson - 

The Art of Observational Enhancement: Preparing for an Active Shooter Scenario & Defusing Workplace Violence Before It Starts

Joe Henkin & Dave Jansa -

How Employers Can Help Curb the Addiction Crisis

Michael Teti - 

Social Media: Investigating a Global Village

Sue Simons - 

The DNA of Bad Faith – What is it and How Did We Get Here?

Panel Discussion -

Working With Your Medical Provider and Insurance Agent to Manage the OSHA Log and Work Comp Program

Sheila Stanley - 

OSHA: South Dakota Inspections, Programs, and Current Statistics

Jennifer S. Frank & Tracye L. Sherrill - 

Interplay Among FMLA, Workers’ Compensation and State Laws

Rana DeBoer - 

Leading the Pursuit for Safety

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