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How Employers Can Help Curb the Addiction Crisis

Twenty million Americans suffer from addiction, and 75 percent of those impacted go to work, driving tremendous costs and risks for employers. At the same time, employers are increasingly challenged with hiring and maintaining a qualified workforce. These demands, plus a growing emphasis on mental health and wellness in the workplace, offers a new paradigm for thinking about the employer’s role in addressing this disease. Learn about the risks and costs of addiction for employers, signs and symptoms of a problem, and strategies and tools for effectively addressing the risks of addiction in the workplace.

Joe Henkin

Director of Community Relations - Face It TOGETHER


Joe Henkin is a longtime business and civic leader and branding expert. At Face It TOGETHER, he focuses on building strong relationships with key stakeholders, including leaders in the business and social sectors.  Joe spent 16 years owning and managing radio stations and for 25 years, he was owner and co-founder of an advertising, marketing and communications business. Today, he helps lead Face It TOGETHER’s efforts to engage employers in addressing addiction through the “Face It TOGETHER @ Work” program, which provides employees access to peer addiction coaching as a mental health benefit. 

Dave Jansa

Program Advisor - Face It TOGETHER


Dave Jansa helps lead and innovate Face It TOGETHER’s work to provide evidence-based peer coaching to those living with addiction, including loved ones. He also develops partnerships with business, community and civic organizations across South Dakota to reduce barriers and improve access to high quality, effective support for the disease of addiction. Dave has long served as an advocate focused on educating the community about the impact of addiction. A long-term survivor of the disease, Dave started with Face It TOGETHER as a volunteer peer coach in 2009.