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OSHA: South Dakota Inspections,

Programs, and Current Statistics

Ms. Stanley will present information related to OSHA activities in South Dakota including inspections, emphasizing programs, and current statistics. She will share best practices to help you continue to grow and develop your safety and health programs.


Sheila Stanley

Area Director - OSHA - Sioux Falls 


Sheila Stanley is the Area Director for OSHA’s Sioux Falls Area Office.  She moved to Sioux Falls from Denver, Colorado in December 2015 to open the office and has had three very busy years.  Before coming to South Dakota, Sheila worked at the Regional Office in Denver, where she monitored OSHA activities in both Wyoming and Utah.  Prior to that, she served as an OSHA Compliance Officer and then a Team Leader in OSHA’s Englewood Area Office in Colorado.  She worked at both the World Trade Center after the collapse and in New Orleans after Katrina.  Sheila’s undergraduate degree is in Biology and Chemistry.  She later studied Occupational Safety and Industrial Hygiene at Colorado State University.  Sheila is an Industrial Hygienist by trade, and spent her early (professional) years air sampling for many contaminants while she was a soldier in the US Army.

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