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Leading the Pursuit for Safety

Elevating safety leadership is the single most effective thing an organization can do to set improvement into motion.  Leading safety for people, teams, and organizations takes strength.  It requires dedicated passion, consistent perseverance, and a clear safety vision.  Only through this personal conviction can you successfully lead a team through safety, and therefore create a powerful and contagious ‘team spirit’ for safety.  Let’s renew your spark in leadership and put your teams on pursuit for safety excellence!

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Rana DeBoer, MS, CIC

Work Well Manager - City of Sioux Falls

Rana serves as the Work Well Manager for the City of Sioux Falls in her full-time career, and also serves as founder and President for her personal consulting business, Create Energy.  Through a sundry of career experiences and a vigor for learning and helping others grow, Rana emboldens business leaders to embrace a culture of health, safety, and vitality.  She carefully aligns internal operations to boost human performance and therefore advance organizational functioning, with inspiring energy.  Rana is sought after for her ability to listen thoroughly and then creatively design powerful strategic solutions with engaging facilitation skills.  Her trusted knowledge and power to enthuse will quickly impassion you to invest in the energy of your people — for lives and careers that matter!

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