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Using Behavioral Insights to Help Worker Health

and Return to Work


4:30 pm

Work Disability has been described as one of the biggest social and labor market challenges that hinders economic growth and reduces effective labor supply.  Understanding that Work Disability is a complex phenomenon of motivations, fears, thoughts, and behavior can help us nudge workers who may be stuck in their recovery.  In this session you will learn how workers think about RTW and Recovery, 4 behavioral insights that can help explain the decisions workers are making, and implement behavioral nudges to help workers overcome barriers to their recovery and RTW.

Jason Parker

President and Senior Work Disability Consultant of Centrix Disability Management Services


Jason is the creator of Motivation and Action Planning, which is a unique behavioural work disability prevention approach.  Jason has extensive experience in Work Disability Prevention and Stay-at-Work/Return to Work programs with over 20 years of experience covering almost every employer group.  Over the years, he has developed a unique proprietary method of case management that is evidence based and worker centric. 


Jason holds a Bachelor of Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia.


Jason oversees the leadership of Centrix as well as continues to work in providing direct consulting to organizations while maintaining his hand in case management.